CustomaiD opened its doors in NYC in 2006 with just a handful of clients and a small dedicated staff of professionals.  In 2010, after several years of success and watching us grow by providing quality services to our clients, our friend from college who was starting a new family and had trouble finding reliable help asked if he could join our team and open an office in his home city of Chicago. Of course we agreed, and in 2010 we became multi-city!

Our business has grown over the years through hard work and dedication, and we attribute our success to the exceptional people we work with who truly care about you, your home and your business and want to build a relationship with you. We now have more than a handful of clients, but even as we grow, will still keep that small business feel so you can always be sure to receive the best personalized service and attention. In fact, the person you speak with on the phone is still most likely the owner and knows you by name. To us, you are not just a number or an address, but a person and we treat you the way you deserve to be treated – a VIP.

CustomaiD operates as a referral agency that outsources its services to a team of over 30 highly qualified, independent professionals. The service providers operate under sub-contractor agreements and are not employees of the referral agency. Because each professional is his or her own business owner, they are truly vested in ensuring that you receive the best quality service possible.